Versatile Asparagus Cream


2 cups woody asparagus ends 2 cups (500mL) 35% cream Splash of water Chef pinch of salt

1. Cut your asparagus ends into ½” pieces, being careful as the ends are more resistant than you might think and place into a medium-sized pot.
2. Pour cream over the asparagus (35% cream or any cream you have 10% or 18% work too)
3. Add a splash of water to the cream container and slosh around and then add to the pot
4. Add your salt
5. Turn your burner to between medium/medium-high on a gas stove and on an electric medium/medium-low. You don’t want to boil the cream just bring to a simmer for 20-30 min until the asparagus has become an army green and the cream tastes like asparagus
6. Using a strainer over a bowl (or a spoon or slotted spoon) pour cream through the strainer to separate, push as much cream as you can out of the asparagus and then discard (compost!) the asparagus ends
7. Cool down your cream and then add to a container to keep in the fridge or freezer
It should keep for a week in the fridge!
I love to use this flavourful cream with:
pasta, mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, savoury bread pudding, savoury french toast, soup either cold or hot, there are really endless uses
Get creative and ENJOY!!!
Recommended tools:
Cutting Board: